The posts of videos and artworks below are 2D related, done for personal works and assignments. Each artwork has its own description and will be updated frequently, sometimes together with the work in progress.



Mona is an individual short 2D animatics I did within 3 weeks during my Studio Project 1 in 2014. The story I came up with is about an adventure of a mouse girl, Mona who decided to visit the snake witch to get a potion to heal her terminally ill grandmother quickly. Little did she knew that her actions without forethought had brought about a disaster upon Pumpkin Village. It is up to Mona to save the day. The animatics was achieved by a series of digital drawings done in Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy!



Pyramid Trouble

Pyramid Trouble is an individual short 2D animatics I did within 3 weeks for my Studio Project 2 in 2014. Blending comedy with adventure, I came up with a short and bizarre story with an unexpected twist. It is about a timid and adventurous explorer lost within the corridors of a pyramid.curiosityriousity, he unknowingly activated a jet engine controller and was shot into space with the pyramid aircraft and eventually, landed back on Earth in Paris, France on The Louvre Museum with a twist.This animatics and 10 seconds of animation is achieved through a series of digitally drawn panels in Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy!



Environment Illustration

Below are 2 imaginative fantasy environment illustrations I worked on. The art pieces are achieved using Alchemy and Photoshop.

Dimensional Warp

Dimensional Warp is a 2D environmental illustration inspired by the cultural art movement of surrealism, showing a bizarre looking environment bathed in the complementary colors of purple and yellow. With no boundaries of physical reality, this art piece is created from a vivid imagination. It depicts a desert with a tree stem sustaining a purple forest and ocean while sand falls from it like an hour glass. With some land seemingly existing upside down, it is something of a strange world. This art piece is done in Alchemy and Photoshop.



Flowing is s a 2D environmental illustration inspired by the cultural art movement of surrealism. Using analogous color schemes of the violet spectrum on a color wheel, this art piece depicts a calm fantasy alien world of moistness and water eternally flowing downwards without physical boundaries. Living creatures of the world are depicted as having the head of a flower with a body of a sea creature with fins. A creature is resting on a branch with a magenta pearl extrusion from its petals as it attracts the attention of another nearby creature.



Robot Concept Design




These are some robot character designs I did as personal works. The 3 colored robot designs on the left are derived from the silhouette designs on the right. It is interesting how the choice of colors and tonal values can bring out a flat silhouette into a solid character design. Below are 2 more silhouettes of the robot character. These designs are done in photoshop and alchemy.



Sword Concept Design

During my free time, I designed some fancy looking swords with elemental properties to them. Thus, I created some silhouette designs of swords.


Choosing the silhouette to design a sword was a challenge initially, as a flat black image should be able to give off a vibe of the element of ice, fire, wood and earth. Finally, I got to choose the suitable silhouette designs and applied colors to the silhouettes. I laid out a few color swatches on the canvas to be applied on the designs, so as to prevent an over mixture with too many variations of colors. The results are as shown below.



Life Drawing

Below are some of my gesture drawings done with the model holding a pose between 2 to 3 minutes before switching to another pose.


Life drawings of people done within 5 minutes per pose.

Life drawing of elderly people during a visit to Chinatown.



Zoo Visit Drawings

A visit to the zoo gave me the opportunity to look at and observe the movement and bodies of real living animals. I managed to draw a few animals in different poses such as the zebras, otters and cheetahs.



Museum Visit Drawings

During a visit to the animal museum in the National Universit of Singapore (NUS), I had the opportunity to look at life-sized display of skeletons belonging to a wide variety of animal species. I drew some bone structures of animals which I found interesting. Having to observe in detail the actual skeleton models of animals, allowed me to visually understand the bone structures more effectively as I did sketches of them.

Drawing a dragon

Sketches were done to study the anatomy of a dragon using body parts of animals while visiting the animal museum in NUS, before drawing the skeleton, muscles and skin of the whole dragon. The dragon I designed basically had the skull and tail of a crocodile which I added bull horns to the skull, wings of a bat, torso of a horse and feet of a bird. I also learned that the front legs of dragon has a plantigrade posture while the hind legs has a digitigrade posture. Below are sketches I did while researching on the different type of bone structures belonging to different animals which I plan to include into my dragon design.


This is the final design of my dragon, with the skeleton, muscles and scaly skin.


What if the dragon evolved into an animal?

My next task was to visualize and redesign an animal, that happened to evolved from the dragon that I previously designed while taking into consideration its habitat. Generally, I would like my animal to have a face structure of a Babirusa with horns of an elk. The body structure will also be an elk due to its Unguligrade body type which follows the dragon. The four feet will evolve into fox paws and limbs will evolve into the elk unguligrade posture, instead of the plantigrade and digitigrade posture of the dragon limbs. The tail will evolve into a fox tail and the texture of the skin will be furry instead of scaly with patterns following the zebra stripes and cheetah spots. Below are the finalized designs of my animal.

Male and Female5.jpg







Growth Stages


Bone, Muscle and Skin Design





illustration wk9 4.jpg

An illustration I did of the animal in a majestic pose while standing on a hill of Chocolate Hill, Philippines in a sunset.

Work in Progress: Research and Development

The first thing I did was to research on possible habitats this animal would thrive in. How about Chocolate Hills, Bohol in the Philippines?  One of the seven wonders of the world, located in a rather dry and tropical region. Sounds great as I wanted my evolved animal to be a herbivorous land animal. As Chocolate Hill has a vast open area, the animal will be able to spread its wings widely and fly. With a smooth terrain, the animal will also be able to walk around the land freely and easily.



Work in Progress: Basic Initial Designs


Of all the three initial animal designs, I decided to choose the one with the body that appears more stable which has all limbs of similar length instead of the other two designs having either the front or back limbs longer.



DVD Cover Design

This was done as an assignment during my Design Fundamentals Class back in 2014. My task was to make up a story for a movie plot and design a title, movie poster, DVD jewel box, disc and some opening credits based on the movie plot. We had to use the provided images to create the design and make up imaginary names for the cast.

Story Synopsis

The genre of the movie plot I came up with was comedy and adventure. The main character is the wealthy Mrs Donna, founder and CEO of a globally successful multi-billion dollar fashion company based in the United Kingdom (UK). Aside from her success and wealth, she was cunning, had a bad temperament and disrespect people that are not as affluent as her, especially her employees. Having heard about her love of money, she was approached by a man, Mr Bart who was as successful as her, claiming that he knew the destination where an ancient lost treasure is located, which was in the middle of the uncharted territories of the Amazon forest and wanted her to join him to search for the treasure with a few other followers. Seeking more money and fame, Mrs Donna accepted to go on this quest, while leaving her company management in the hands of her inexperienced 23-year-old daughter, Rosella. Little did she knew that the evil Mr Bart had planned to leave her stranded in the forest so that he could take over her company.

Having heard no news of her mother in months, and being convinced to leave her mother’s company in the hands of Mr Bart, Rosella was determined to look for her mother in the Amazon forest with a search team. Fortunately for Mrs Donna, she met a group of poor and friendly villagers who took her in. During this adventure, Mrs Donna learned to live a simple and rustic lifestyle and slowly changed her cunning attitude to be a more simple and empathic person.

Finally, after months of searching for Mrs Donna, she was found by her daughter and the search team. They reunited and flew back to the UK. Horrified by the news that Mr Bart had taken over her company and was about to sell her multi-billion dollar company to a buyer, Mrs Donna was able to stop the transaction and took back her company into her own hands. From then on, through this quest and experience, Mrs Donna had learned to treat everyone with respect and be more generous towards others.

A4 Movie Poster Design

A4 movie poster.jpg

Disc Label Design

Disc label design.jpg

DVD Jewel Box Design

DVD jewel box.jpg

Title Design

Screen Design 1 (with title).jpg

Opening Credits Design


♦ Compositing ♦

The posts of the artworks below are composited images and clips done for assignments at my alma mater, while some are done as personal works. Each composited clip has its own description. Videos posted here are linked from Vimeo.


The Blue Pixie

This 5 seconds clip shows a wingless Fae happily pacing around two pots of yellow chrysanthemum plants, feeling refreshed in the golden sunlight feeling refreshed in the golden sunlight while admiring and observing the Chrysanthemum plants. As she raises her arms, flowers on the ground started to gain colours and bloom. The 3D Pixie model is done in Zbrush and Maya, Mocap animation done in Vicon Blade and Motion Builder and composited in NukeX.


Imagine Singapore

Photos I took of real landmarks of SIngapore, such as the Esplanade, Marina Bay Sands, Ferris Wheel etc. are added into another location of a scene, provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) through photo compositing. This composition is achieved using The Foundry Nuke.

Lady Bug

White spots on the Ladybug removed using Nuke. Image Sequence provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM).

Poster On Wall

Attaching a poster to the wall of an image sequence, provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM) in The Foundry Nuke.

People Removal

Removing people in an image using The Foundry Nuke. Image provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM).

Driving Compositing

Sequence of a woman driving a car provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM). Background is of a moving image sequence taken with my phone. Composition achieved using The Foundry Nuke.

Change Eye Color

Changing eye color of a girl using The Foundry Nuke. Image Sequence provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM).


The posts of the videos and artworks below comprises of 3D Character Animations, Motion Capture, modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering related works. Each 3D artworks has its own description.


Abandoned Train


Inspired by the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train of Singapore, I modeled this 3D scene in Autodesk Maya with the aim of having the train appearing to have been abandoned for years in the tropical forest and had been broken and infested with undergrowth plants and vines. To achieve a realistic look of an abandoned train, I textured the 3D scene in Allegorithmic Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop, while adding roughness, bump and displacement maps where necessary. The lighting of this 3D scene is done in Autodesk Maya, which includes indirect and direct lighting to achieve a calm afternoon setting. Rendered with mental ray and multiplying an ambient occlusion map over to achieve a more realistic looking result.


Client Project – Futuristic Store Fixtures Launch Clip

This project is a client project for Futuristic Store Fixtures (FSF) and competition to create an Animated Launch Clip with a harmonious mix of Visual Effects and Animation visuals. Done in a team consisting of 3 members, Pei Qi, Jessire and Patrick. The visuals need to express the values and cultures of the FSF, a company that helps to redesign retail stores in a futuristic style to promote effective customer experiences. This project is in collaboration with SIDE FX Asia Pacific, such that guidance will be provided by them as well as my supervisor, Mr Leong Chee Loong, a lecturer from the Diploma in Visual Effects.

My role in this project is the Director. I was involved in the story development, concept art, 3D modeling and texturing, lighting and rendering as well as a few dynamics effects, such as the ink forming into cubes and the disintegration effect of the furnitures. The video is done and rendered in Autodesk Maya, with only the furnitures exploding dynamics done in Houdini.



Rustix  – Together

Together is done as a group project within 3 weeks, by the Rustix team in 2015, consisting of 5 members, Maryam, Cheryl, Pei Qi, Jillian and Jacinda for VoiLah! 2015.

My role in this project is the Modelling Director. I was involved in designing the environment floor plan, modeling a few background items, rigging and animating the vines and characters, with the help of Mr Jacques Deschambeault Autorig 102.

The story is influenced by terrorism faced by countries and is conveyed in a story of how two flowers stand together and fight against terror itself. The courageous Iris flower character represents France, as Iris is France’s national flower, symbolizing royalty and hope. The cheerful Orchid flower character represents Vanda Miss Joaquim, Singapore’s national flower to show support for the Iris flower. Unexpectedly, they were attacked by the scissors, as the embodiment of terrorism itself, inspired by Vladimir Kush’s surrealism work, Ciseaux. Together hand in hand, the Iris and Orchid defeated the scissors, showing that strong bonds and support between countries could help counter terrorism more effectively.



Six of Us – Singapore 2065

Singapore 2065 is done as a group project within 3 months by Six of Us in 2016, consisting of six members, involving Pei Qi, Abigail, Hui Ling, Wang Cheng, Aqil and Johnathan.

My role in this project is the Director. I was involved in the development of the story, scriptwriting, lighting in Unreal Engine, modeling and texturing.3D models in Autodesk Maya.

The video is an animation of a short news report of our vision of Singapore in year 2065 as a group. Join Singalatic Broadcast Tonight as the report documents the nationwide test drive of the Merlion Car that is controlled by a helmet of the latest innovation which allows racer, Felix Lee to perform stunts of the Merlion Car using the helmet while not physically being in the Merlion Car! Along the way, the reporter will introduce the new innovations of Singapore, such as gardens and greenery growing on HDB flats, offshore water collection plants to be recycled into clean water and Gardens by the Bay reimagined inside a Snow Dome. The video is fully rendered in Unreal Engine. Enjoy!

3D Models of Buildings

Below are some of the 3D models of the buildings I modeled and textured with Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop, inspired by the actual Housing Development Board (HDB), National University Hospital (NUH) and Insitute of Technological Education (ITE) Central buildings in Singapore.





Texturing the Merlion Car

Renders of the turntable of the Merlion Car in Unreal Engine. The 3D model is not mine but I only textured it.

Below are the diffuse texture maps created for the Merlion Car in Adobe Photoshop.



Motion Capture: Police Catch Thief

Motion Capture of a police chasing a thief, acting recorded in Vicon Blade and motion retargeting done in Autodesk Motion Builder. Characters are generated in Autodesk Character Generator and 3D environment provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media. The bag geometry is downloaded from an online source from cadnav.com.

After Motion Retargeting

Rendered in Autodesk Maya

Before Motion Retargeting

Rendered in Autodesk Motion Builder

Side by Side Comparison



Motion Capture: Swatting Flies

Motion Capture of a lady swatting a fly, acting recorded in Vicon Blade and motion retargeting done in Autodesk Motion Builder. The character is generated in Autodesk Character Generator.

After Motion Retargeting

Rendered in Autodesk Maya

Before Motion Retargeting

Rendered in Autodesk Motion Builder

Side by Side Comparison



Character Animation

An argument between a lady and man. The dialogue is taken from Life Partners Scene – Paige and Tims argument (2014). The male character, Enrike is provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media. I modeled the hair and skirt for the female character. nCloth is applied to the hair and skirt. nParticles are used to create the drink inside the cup she is holding. The character animation is done in Autodesk Maya. Some of the textures are textured in Allegorithmic Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop.



Cultural Girl

3D model of a girl wearing a postmodern cultural satin dress, with both ancient Chinese and European influence. This 3D scene is modeled in Pixologic Zbrush and Autodesk Maya and textured in Allegorithmic Substance Painter and Adobe Photoshop.



A simple dragon render and wireframe turntable that was modeled and textured in Zbrush and rendered in Autodesk Maya.




The 3D model is Anukatata, an imaginary Egyptian princess. Her drapery, accessories and hair are modeled by me in Autodesk Maya. Model of female body provided by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Interactive and Digital Media (SIDM).



Spanish Bathroom

This bathroom belongs to a newly bought house of a neat Italian millionaire who appreciates Mediterranean styles. A maid cleans up the bathroom every day, such that there are no traces of dirt left behind. This bathroom environment is textured in Adobe Photoshop and rendered in Autodesk Maya. The rendered passes are then composited in The Foundry Nuke to achieve the final look below.

Final Render after compositing (nuke result) from Portfolio.jpg